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January 27, 2008

3083.jpgSubmitted By Aung Naing Htwe: 8888 GENERATION STUDENTS (EXILES) THE CONGRATULATION MASSAGE FOR JOHN RAMBO FILM We, the Burmese activists in exiles would like to give thanks to Sylvester Stallone who did a very realistic film (JOHN RAMBO) about our country and military regime ruling Burma (now calling Myanmar) for the last46 years. The actor (Sylvester Stallone) obviously expresses that the cruelest military armed forces of the regime are killing, torturing and oppressing our innocent civilians including many humanitarian missions through the country.

The film (JOHN RAMBO) is not propaganda picture, but it is highlighting the present image of the civilians’ suffering and the regime’s ferocious atrocities. We heartily recommend that the JOHN RAMBO film is the best illustration for our international families to share with their humanitarian sympathizers for the civilians who are living under the barrels of the gun points by unlawful military forces in our civilized world. By the way, we would like to give a massage about the present situation in Burma to the audiences of the JOHN RAMBO film that over four thousands of students, workers, activists and civilians, monks are being held in notorious prisons around the country by the regime, and all of the political opposition parties and organizations are being squeezed by military junta. Many writers and journalists are being locked up. Civilians are living in famine. Children are facing starvation. Women are under raped and some are being forced to go into sex slavery by local authority abusers. The health care system is in absolute ruination and the education system is under deteriorating. All of the country’s mineral resources and natural resources are flowing to China, India, some of European countries and South East Asian Countries which are a lame duck to promote human rights in Burma.

In accordance with all of above reasons we mention we believe the audiences will see a great agony of our nation. Therefore our civilians hope that international families will actually have sympathy for the innocent civilians to be free from daily fears and nightmares. We also expect that our civilized international communities will join with us (8888 Generation Students Exile) to crash the dictatorial cocoon and to uproot the regime in Burma forever. MORE DETAIL MASSAGE FOR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITIES We, Burmese activists from 1988 generations would like to thanks Mr. Sylvester Stallone for highlighting the plight of the Burmese people in his latest movie Rambo IV. The film (JOHN RAMBO) is not a movie based on fiction; it is a movie that you must see to learn from it because the movie was based on real a situation in Burma. We whole heartedly recommend that the JOHN RAMBO film is the best illustration of the suffering people of Burma. Burmese people are facing one of the worst dictators in the world. We hope that the viewers will understand the life threatening situation of our suffering people and sympathize with their plight so that they will support our freedom movement. I will explain to you about the background history of Burma in brief and then I will answer why and how our people have been oppressed, tortured and killed by the military regime. Burma had a democratic system after we gained independence from Britain in 1948. The army staged a coup in 1962 and since then Burma has been ruled by successive military regimes. The military dictators claim they are the protectors of the country, that they prevent it from dividing into small pieces. Nationalists did not want to see our country splitting into small states and cautiously supported the regime. That is the reason created by the regime to hold on to political power. In reality the generals want to maintain Burma’s political power for their own benefit, not for the people and the development of our country. From 1962 to 1988, the regime claimed themselves as socialists and set up the Burmese Socialist Program Party.

They nationalized big and small-scale business industries and newspapers, abolished political parties and allowed only their party to run the elections. Opposition politicians were jailed for so-called national security reasons and treated as criminals. The generals never admitted that there were political prisoners in Burma. They argued that all the prisoners were criminals because they committed crimes. The main crime was that they disagreed with the regime. On March 2, 1962, the Burmese people lost their freedom and that devastating loss continues to the present time. In a land of over 50 million citizens, only four newspapers are allowed to exist and are totally controlled by the regime. These newspapers are used as a propaganda machine. In the same fashion, radio stations and television stations are not an exception. All the newspapers tell the same stories and are accompanied by similar photos. The newspapers print the same slogans, which praise the generals and attack the opposition. People are bored by listening to and reading the regime’s various propaganda machines. As a result, they turn their interest to BBC, the Voice of America and Radio Free Asia. All the foreign broadcasting stations have been recognized as true media by the people; even the soldiers eagerly listen to the news from foreign broadcasting services. But the soldiers are ordered not to listen to the foreign news. Why? Because the generals do not want the soldiers to know what is going on in their country; they are afraid of a revolt inside the army. The people who only believe in foreign media shows that something is not right inside of Burma. Current Burma history has proved that something is very wrong in Burma. 1.Young people age from 12 to 17 are forced into recruitment as child soldiers without their consent or their parents’ approval. 2. People have been forced to serve as human shields to find land mines and also forced to carry arms and ammunitions as porters without pay. Sometimes porters are tortured and killed if they cannot carry the workload in the frontiers. One striking fact is they are ordinary people who have never committed a crime. Ethnic women have been raped as a punishment just for being of female and of a certain minority. S 3.

No freedom of organization, no freedom of association, no freedom of expression, no freedom of publication, no freedom to travel even inside the country these are the rules made by the regime. If someone stands up and speaks out he /she can get a 7 years to life prison term. 4. Thousands of people can freely demonstrate and march on the streets if they support the regime, but a single protest against the military junta in front of city hall can bring a protestor a 17 years prison term. 5. More than 200,000 refugees are living in Thai-Burma border’s refugee camps inside Thailand. More than a million are living in the jungle as displaced persons; more than 100,000 Muslim refugees from Burma are living near the Bangladesh-Burma border on the Bangladesh side. 80 thousands refugees live on the India-Burma border, and 50 thousands refugees live on the China-Burma border. Why have those people fled to the neighboring countries? Something is terribly wrong. People fled to the neighboring countries because they are afraid of arbitrary killing, torture, ethnic cleansing, forced labor and forced relocation. Their lives are in danger. To save their lives and their loved ones they fled their native land where they grew up, their beautiful country which they deeply love. These facts are the reality today. We 88 Generation Students in Exile witnessed the brutality of the regime in 1988 when more than 3000 of our college students were slaughtered without mercy. In September 2007, peaceful demonstrations led by Buddhist monks were brutally cracked down. Many monks were tortured and killed. We believe that the regime will not give up power and negotiate with the opposition. The generals have committed countless crimes against humanity and shall continue to do so in the future, whatever it takes. Committing more and more crimes makes the rulers more and more keep this secure, which produces fear. The people are terrified they’ll be tortured and then murdered. On the other hand, the generals are afraid they will be punished for their brutal crimes. We are facing one of the most cunning regimes in the world. The Burmese regime has no dignity, honesty or accountability. They annulled the 1990 election results, an election won by the opposition party, the National League for Democracy, with 82% of the parliamentary seats. We believe people power is the only way to topple down the ruthless regime with the help of an organization like Amnesty International, the kind-hearted, Americans, Canadians, Europeans and democracy-loving people. We need to encourage the Burmese people to stand up for their rights with the help from the people like you. Thank you, thank you so much for reading this letter today. Free Aung San Suu Kyi Free Burma 88Generation Students (Exile) for contact:

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